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  • Michał Tkaczyk
Reservations: 48225511832
Valentine's Day Cocktails 

Taste our unique cocktails menu inspired by the romantic cinema classics and treat you and your loved one to an evening of romance, exquisite culinary delights & live music performances.



Manhattan   PLN 80 
One of the favourites of the darling Holly Golightly from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany's'. A unique variation of Martini with bourbon and a bitter aroma.

Mai Tai   PLN 85
A rum combination with a twist. This sweet and sour drink is perfectly featured in the the classic ‘Blue Hawaii' with one and only Elvis Presley.

Gibson   PLN 80 
A dry Martini with a pickled onion from ‘North by Northwest' movie made by Alfred Hitchcock in 1959 -  delicious & classy.



Information & bookings:
T +48 22 5511 888

Afternoon Tea - Column Bar, Warsaw
Dazzling seasonal menu

Seasonal menu, Polish infusion specialties, exquisite appetizers perfectly paired with our masterful cocktails  - discover the culinary delights by our Executive Chef Michał Tkaczyk.


Information & reservation:

T +22 55 11 888

Hotel Bristol - Jazz Nights
Live jazz sessions 

Every evening our musicians transform the Column Bar of Hotel Bristol, Warsaw into a sophisticated night spot with jazz entertainment. Their energy exudes in their performances and infuses his audience has to be seen to be believed!


EVERY DAY | 7:00 pm - 1:00 am

Tickets are not required.



T +48 22 55 11 832